Not long ago, switching exclusively to internet for television meant compromising on the quantity and sometimes, the quality of entertainment available. However, the story is not the same anymore. If you want to replace cable for internet delivered television, there has never been a more exciting time. All you need is a sound internet connection and you can watch thousands of shows and live sports, and that too at a bargain compared to your cable bill. There are many players in the market with each one of them having a different product and service to offer. You can access any of these different methods to watch TV and video with a subscription to one of the amazing AT&T U-verse Internet Plans.


If you prefer, you also have the option to cut cable or satellite connection and go online for all your TV entertainment. The variety and sheer volume of content available on Roku will not disappoint you. Roku is essentially a small box that is connected to your television, quite similar to a DVD player. It will connect to the available internet connection and present to you a bouquet of different channels. There are both subscription-based and free channels available for TV shows, movies and live sporting events. Moreover, you even get services like Netflix, Huluplus and so on. You have to pay for the hardware but there are no monthly charges other than the subscription to specific channels.


It was one of the first services that gave the people an option to watch shows at a time that is convenient for them. On the lines of Roku, TiVo offers a variety of network shows, movies and music. You can also access streaming services like Hulu and Netflix, using TiVo. You can also schedule recordings of the network shows that are not available for online streaming, but you need a cable connection for it. Moreover, you can even download the content you wish to watch.


netflixIf you are not interested in investing on a streaming player, then you will be happy to know that subscriptions to websites like Netflix and Hulu can also provide you content for entertainment online. Netflix allows you to select from thousands of movie titles and entire seasons of TV shows to watch on demand right from your laptops, mobile devices, TV and so on. A subscription is a must but a small amount in exchange for a huge library of content does not pose an issue for the subscribers.


Similar to Netflix, you can also watch your favorite shows (new or old) and movies directly on your laptop or by connecting it to your television with an HDMI cable with Hulu. You can also access it using your phone on the net or via an app. However, unlike Netflix, you can watch hundreds of hours’ worth of free content with Hulu. You can also pay a measly fee to get access to unlimited paid content. The content on Hulu does contain a few breaks for commercials, even in the paid version. You can also play Huluplus on Roku, for which you should sign-up for a membership.

Amazon Prime

amazonprimeThe Amazon Prime is kind of an all-inclusive service offering much more than just TV shows and movies online. It comes with a 30-day trial period which can be upgraded to a $99 per year subscription. In addition to the shipping benefits on Amazon, unlimited photo storage on their cloud drive, Kindle benefits, and much more, it also includes Amazon Prime Instant Video. You can stream TV shows, movies and music, which you can choose from a huge library. Most of the content is free, with rental plans also available for specific content.

The internet has changed the way we live and entertainment has definitely gone through a sea change that is still happening. The movies and TV shows on demand, low fees and convenience attached, definitely make the internet driven entertainment a worthy opponent to cable and satellite television. It is growing and becoming as good, if not better than its traditional counterparts, and the trend is for everyone to see with their subscriber count climbing by the day.

Netflix vs. Amazon vs. Hulu